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The Sustainability Impact Forum 2023

1st Edition

To think global and act local by harnessing intergenerational dialogues; leveraging SDSN Youth's global network

Youth empowerment

In collaboration with




SDSN Youth Members
SDSN Youth Networks
Countries covered
Youth solutions

23:59 GMT +1

Youth-led solutions

Youth-led Organizations running the Forum

Time & location

2-day hybrid event

28th - 29th June 2023


1st SDG Youth Forum hosted in Milan, Italy @ Grattacielo Pirelli, Via Fabio Filzi

In-person support

150+ attendees expected on site


400+ attendees in total

A two-day Pitch Competition in Milan, Italy as the main event

Networking opportunities between global organisations and Youth Leaders

Workshops and conferences related to sustainability, management, planning and strategic development

A report published at the end of the Sustainability Impact Forum (SIF) highlighting the outcomes and objectives for the next edition

Important facts for participating youth
Nature Tokens

We want to help maximize the development potential of youths by facilitating the localization of the SDGs

Our Goals

Create a lasting space for intergenerational and multisectoral dialogue,

and exchange of ideas between the youth, business leaders and entrepreneurs, politicians and policy makers, and other stakeholders;


Empower youth

to analyze local and global issues, then develop and operationalize robust and sustainable solutions, guaranteeing their participation in decision making processes;


Identify specific opportunities

for the youth to contribute to SDGs localization through integrated and inclusive mechanisms, and to collaborate with fellow youth and other existing actors;

Obtain a clear commitment from leaders

to support the initiatives and defined set of actions that have been awarded through the pitch competition;


Build a Global Community of Solvers

to help address the pressing issues related to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (UN 17 SDGs).

Youth thinking

Apply Now

Attend this Global event that aims to:
  • Develop solutions to specific problems,

  • Hold a citizen consultation,

  • Match resources with the most relevant solutions,

  • Create a report on the contribution of the Youth,

  • Follow-up on the selected solutions and track their progress.

Youth working together to solve a puzzle
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